Saturday, August 28, 2010

How it All Started

first bazaar at the Big Tent, QC (with my bro and cousins)
 It was year 2007 when I came-up with an idea of starting my own clothing line. At first, my Mom didn't like the idea because I had no formal background in Fashion Design or anything close to it. Looking back, all I had during those times were my raw ideas and skills. I guess it helped a lot that I always hang-out in malls and that window shopping was always my pastime. I would also buy local magazines every month and would browse through the internet for trends every now and then. For my first collection, I sourced fabrics in Manila and went back to Iloilo to have my drawings executed by Manang. In July 2007, I released my very first collection. I went back to Manila and joined a bazaar, I also started selling online through Multiply as suggested by my friend, and I also started consigning my products in different stores. From there, Binkydoodles was born. :)

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