Sunday, April 28, 2013

Special Day

Usually, girls save their best outfits for occasions like their birthdays. In my case, since I've been too busy, I haven't really thought about what to do or what to wear on my birthday. It was a good thing that I have this sequin skirt in my closet. I actually bought it a few months ago and saved it for something special. I make it a habit to stock up on things so that whenever I'm too busy and something comes up, I have something to take from my closet. The top, sandals and bag I wore it with are all old stuffs that I've already worn a couple of times. Another special key piece in this ensemble is the necklace I'm wearing. This was given to me by my boyfriend a few months ago. He told me he wanted to give it to me as a birthday gift but I guess he was too excited so he gave it to me a week after he arrived. Haha. I'm not used to receiving gifts like this but yeah, he never fails to surprise me (insert kilig here, hehehe). Since we went out for a family dinner, I made sure my outfit was simple and comfortable although I injected a couple of special pieces. :)

What I Wore:
skirt from Forever21,
necklace from bf,
sandals from Vincci,
bangle, gift from a friend

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hiya! Today's going to be the last day before I turn a year older so I better take advantage of the time left! Haha! Oh yes, I'll be celebrating my birthday tomorrow! Nothing biggie's happening tomorrow though. I'm too old for parties so I'll just celebrate quietly with my loved ones. Anyway, the photos on this post are in no way related to what's happening tomorrow. These were actually taken a few weeks ago when my bf and I took my bakasionista cousins around the city. I simply love how this cowboy inspired get-up is so perfect for Iloilo's laid-back vibe, very comfortable despite it not being the typical jeans and shirt combination. For casual days where all you need is a comfortable ensemble, you can always opt for basic pieces that have character like texture or an interesting print to keep away from being plain and predictable. I don't have as much time to take outfits shots anymore so I just do so whenever I can. And that explains why I can't update this blog as often as before though I will still try. :)

What I Wore:
top from Forever21,
pants, gift from a friend,
bangle, gift from a friend,
sandals, Charles and Keith

Friday, April 12, 2013

See it Through

In my post prior to this one, I mentioned that I'll be turning a year older soon. It's happening in a few days and I can't help but feel it. Don't get me wrong, I don't fear aging another year as I believe I've always lived my life the best way I can. I believe that I didn't miss a single stage in my life and that there were no shortcuts to where I am now. One thing that I can really feel that's changing now is my perspective of life. My priorities, interests, and habits have somehow changed. I'm slowly loosing interest in some of the things I used to be so fond of (like this blog, shopping and my monthly travels). I've turned down so many social opportunities not because I wasn't interested, but because I have so many important things and responsibilities to attend to.  I know my old fun loving, carefree and adventurous self will always be there somewhere, it's just that I'm now more directed to achieving higher career goals and aiming seriously towards stability. I think I've just become more responsible and I'm currently going through yet another major change, which I think, it's only for the better. :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love is Free

Loose shirt, shorts and sneakers- this is probably something you haven't seen me wear before. Way back in high school, this was actually my favorite ensemble. Whenever we'd go to school on Saturdays for meetings and projects, button-down tops, shorts and sneakers were my uniform. Now that I'm older, I realized how much I can look younger when I'm in this outfit. I'm turning a year older this month, and I think this would be good way to disguise my age. Haha.

What I Wore:
top and shorts from Cotton On
high-cut sneakers from Forever21

Friday, March 29, 2013

Boracay Photo Diary

Some of my favorite photos from our trip to Boracay a few weeks ago. :)

What I Wore:
top from Cotton On
sandals from Aldo
hat and bag from Boracay

dress from Binkydoodles

Monday, March 25, 2013

Morning Sun

If there's one thing I'm quite obsessed with right now, it would be back details. It's actually very evident in my recent designs for Binkydoodles. My love for back details started middle of last year but it just got stronger now that we're approaching summer. I wanted to try the trend myself so I had to take this dress with me to Boracay a few weeks back. This dress was just perfect for the morning sun. :)

What I Wore:
sheer mullet dress from Binkydoodles,
sunnies from Aldo,
bikini from U by Rustan's,
slippers from Payless

Friday, March 8, 2013

Take Me Away

Woah, so I haven't updated this blog for more than a month now! I've been my busiest the past few weeks and I'm actually still loaded with too much work in the coming days. Someone else cared enough to give me a break so he took me away from work for a short vacation in one of my favorite places, the happy-sunny, BORACAY! So to make-up for the days that I have been MIA, here's a happy-sunny post for all of you. :D

What I Wore:
top and shorts from 168 Mall,
sunnies from Aldo,
bikini from Bangkok,
slippers from Payless,
bag from Boracay