Sunday, April 28, 2013

Special Day

Usually, girls save their best outfits for occasions like their birthdays. In my case, since I've been too busy, I haven't really thought about what to do or what to wear on my birthday. It was a good thing that I have this sequin skirt in my closet. I actually bought it a few months ago and saved it for something special. I make it a habit to stock up on things so that whenever I'm too busy and something comes up, I have something to take from my closet. The top, sandals and bag I wore it with are all old stuffs that I've already worn a couple of times. Another special key piece in this ensemble is the necklace I'm wearing. This was given to me by my boyfriend a few months ago. He told me he wanted to give it to me as a birthday gift but I guess he was too excited so he gave it to me a week after he arrived. Haha. I'm not used to receiving gifts like this but yeah, he never fails to surprise me (insert kilig here, hehehe). Since we went out for a family dinner, I made sure my outfit was simple and comfortable although I injected a couple of special pieces. :)

What I Wore:
skirt from Forever21,
necklace from bf,
sandals from Vincci,
bangle, gift from a friend


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  3. I love these clothes and their design. I hope that i can have one.

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