Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hiya! Today's going to be the last day before I turn a year older so I better take advantage of the time left! Haha! Oh yes, I'll be celebrating my birthday tomorrow! Nothing biggie's happening tomorrow though. I'm too old for parties so I'll just celebrate quietly with my loved ones. Anyway, the photos on this post are in no way related to what's happening tomorrow. These were actually taken a few weeks ago when my bf and I took my bakasionista cousins around the city. I simply love how this cowboy inspired get-up is so perfect for Iloilo's laid-back vibe, very comfortable despite it not being the typical jeans and shirt combination. For casual days where all you need is a comfortable ensemble, you can always opt for basic pieces that have character like texture or an interesting print to keep away from being plain and predictable. I don't have as much time to take outfits shots anymore so I just do so whenever I can. And that explains why I can't update this blog as often as before though I will still try. :)

What I Wore:
top from Forever21,
pants, gift from a friend,
bangle, gift from a friend,
sandals, Charles and Keith

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