Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Land of Hidden Treasures

craaazzeeyyy fabric selections
Me and my brothers went off to Brunei to visit Mom and Uncle Dodz who are now based there. The vacation was a breath of fresh air from the stress i had during the finals week. Visiting Brunei was a great experience for me. There's a big difference between our culture and theirs and although Brunei is just a small country, it's one rich country. If you're after shopping, like my brothers, then don't expect much from this country. But even with that, I was really amazed at how wide their selections of fabrics were. Silks and chiffons in prints I've never seen before. And there's no exact same print from store to store (that's how wide the selection is). Brunei is indeed a land of hidden treasures and I look forward to going back, not only to visit Mom and Uncle Dodz, but also to discover more of the hidden treasures (in their textile stores.. haha).

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