Monday, October 11, 2010

The Smock Dress

Last week, I went to the fabric store to get a yard for the blazer which we had to work on as part of our daily activity in class. But as usual, I ended up getting another yard. I didn't have a design in mind at that time and I just wanted to make a simple dress. So on my way back to my apartment, I already thought of the design and when I got home, I just started cutting and sewing the fabric. After about 3hours, I was able to finish the dress. I added ruffles and studs to add a little style to the simple smock dress that i made. :)

1yard cotton fabric

Again, I wore the dress to school.. :)

My first try to create a moodboard for our FashArt class. The elements are basically just the things that I like- flats, colors, dresses, skirts, butterflies, lace, fabric swatches, pink, prints, beach, and the likes.. :)

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