Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fresh Start

People who know me personally know that I'm a very low maintenance/"jologs" person. I'm very easy to get along with, "mababaw lang ang kaligayahan" and not "maarte" at all... I'm usually just ok with anything and everything and never too conscious about how I look. I rarely wear make-up and I only do when I really need to although I feel like I should always find time to fix-up because events just pop-up here and there. So for a fresh new start, I'm now on my way to up-grading my beauty kit.

Here's what's inside my beauty kit, both old and new:

Ever since I watched the movie No Other Woman, I've been obsessed with lipsticks and now I'm trying to collect different colors. I like colors that are unique. I'm also attracted to those that are nicely packaged so that explains why I usually get the ones with nice cases. Haha! :)

(MAC, Revlon, Face shop, Etude, Clinique, Lancome, Maybelline)

Aside from my beauty kit, I also bought new accessories. I try to upgrade my fancy jewelry box every once in a while so I could mix and match the accessories that would compliment my clothes. I don't like wearing too much accessories though because as I've said, I'm low maintenance and most of the time "tamad" to dress-up.

As for my reference materials, aside from the internet, I look into these magazines to get inspiration. These magazines and books are from my Mom's trips abroad.

I'm currently finishing my supposedly December collection so I could release it very soon (by the weekend, i hope) so I could start with the next. I'm really excited to start working on the next collection because it's going to be a mix of solid colors and Techno-tribal inspired prints!!!!

Have a great year ahead!!!! :)

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