Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve

I had a great year last year and I'm really looking forward to reaching higher goals and making more of my dreams come true this year. I'm hoping I could keep the good vibes all through out the year since I started this year with so much positivity. My only goal this year is to be better than what I've been last year. And I'm doing a post on the highlights of my previous year later so I could keep track of the things I've done and at the same time drive inspiration from my best experiences last year... Anyway, here's what I wore on New Year's Eve... :)

Let us all pray for a better year!!! HAPPY 2012!!


What I Wore:
knitted top from Nava,
ombre metallic bandage skirt from Forever21,
cheetah pumps from Primadona,
assorted native accessories