Saturday, March 17, 2012

In the Middle of Something

If you're my twitter follower, then you'd probably know what I've been up to. I posted a teaser of my accessories collection a few days ago and I'm currently working on it along with the clothes for my summer collection. Plus I'm working on a wedding project due really really soon. It's hard to focus on one thing when you have so much to do. Ideas pop-out here and there and I get distracted so easily that I jump from one thing to another. I guess the artist in me is just so in the mood right now and I'm taking advantage of it. Haha. I'm actually also trying to delegate work so I don't have to do every little thing. Its just that it's not an easy thing too because I have to take time to train someone so I'd get the kind of results that I need. I'm too tired and busy for an outfit post now so I decided to just take photos of what we've been working on.. So there, I'm actually in the middle of a lot of things so I hope you'll watch out for the release of my summer collections because I'm really trying to make every piece a beautiful one. Happy weekend to all! :)

Teasers for my accessories collection..

Fabric swatches for my summer collection..

Garden wedding project..

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