Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coachella Bound

If I were to attend Coachella, this is what I'd probably wear: a knitted top to keep me cool, comfy but stylish suede flatforms, two tone shorts, aviator shades, and of course, neon accessories to add a little spice to the simple yet comfy ensemble! If you were to attend the music festival what would be your must-packs and how would you be wearing? My next collection will be Coachella inspired so do watch-out for it! :)

I love my cousin's detail shots (thanks Junzel)!

The awkward-conscious-hey they're all looking at us smile.. haha.

We were too conscious while taking my outfits shots since we were in a very public place so the pictures turned out a little blurry.. Haha. 

 What I Wore:
knitted top, shorts, sunnies, flatforms, 
and necklace from Forever21,
Baby-G watch from the bf,
blue ring from Bubbles,
black belt, SM accessories

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