Sunday, December 16, 2012


Early this week, I did my 1st ever shoot for a local lifestyle magazine. I can't spill the details yet but I'll surely talk about it once it's out. I'm so excited that I just had to mention it. Obvious ba? Haha. My 1st 2 weeks of the month has been crazily busy since my family's leaving for our Christmas break by the end of the week and I'm supposed to finish all the work before we leave. It's sad that I had to turn down other projects just because we don't have enough time left. For me though, it's always important to keep the right amount of balance to be able to live a happy and healthy life. May you all enjoy the holiday season! :)

What I Wore:
denim polo from SM Department Store,
digital print skirt from Bangkok,
heel-less shoes from SoFab,
leather bag from Braun Buffel


  1. So! Fab shoes are the best :)

    1. Oh yeah! It was hard to choose from their holiday collection since everything's nice! Haha!