Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Highlights

Before I finally close chapter 2012 and start with my look and journey posts for this year, let me do a recap of the things that highlighted my 2012. The previous year was such a healthy year for me because I was able to accomplish a lot of things. I've been busy all through out the year that I didn't even feel it passing. It wasn't smooth all throughout though because I've had my fair share of lessons learned from the wrong decisions and mistakes I made. What matters is, I acknowledged my flaws and tried my best to be better. So anyway, here are some of the major events that happened last year....

1. Style Star
I'm no fashion icon or anything so it made me really happy when my looks got nominated in I was nominated 4 times and I won twice out of the 4 nominations. Haha!

Binkydoodles officially became one of's partner merchants about 6 months ago and I consider it a huge blessing too. The photos show some of our items features in TheMall.

3. Meeting My Favorite Bloggers
Fashion bloggers inspire me a lot. I read blogs everyday and meeting them personally is like meeting my idols. Starstruck moments and all that! These photos were taken during Bloggers United 3 and during the time Laureen Uy, Camille Co and Patricia Prieto visited Iloilo. 

4. Binkydoodles 2012 Collections
We release collections for Binkydoodles every month and I think this was the year we were able to release the most number of collections. Here are some of my favorites.. 

5. Travels
If there's one thing that could inspire me the most, it would be my travels. I'm usually busy when I'm home so whenever I get to travel, I get to relax and think which is why everytime I go home from I trip, I'm usually very inspired. This year, I was able to visit 4 countries- Hongkong, Brunei, Malaysia and Thailand. First photo taken at Disneyland HK, second photo taken at Miri park and third photo taken in front of our hotel in Bangkok.

6. Features
I love being featured in magazines and news papers!

Status Magazine

The News Today

The News Today

Cream Magazine December 2012

7. Iloilo Designers Week
Iloilo Designers Week opened my doors to the Ilonggo fashion industry and I'm really happy because I was able to express my creativity and design aesthetics through my 10-piece collection. I also met a lot of inspiring senior and young Ilonggo designers through this event.

8. Local News Interview
I was interviewed by Arangkada (a local morning show in GMA) right after my fashion show during the Iloilo Designers Week. I didn't get to watch it though.. :|

9. I.,C2 Charity
My friends and I opened and closed the year with a charity event for the kids in our community. We've been doing this for three years now and I have high hopes that in the future we can make more and more kids happy.. 

10. Family Reunion
Every year, we look forward to the time when we all can gather in one place, our home. No school, no work, no other agendas for everyone. Just us, spending the holiday season together. :)

With the amazing year I had, I'm beyond thankful for everything. And though my ways are simple, I always make it a point to share whatever I have. I dream bigger dreams everytime one comes true. And this isn't just for myself, but also for the people who believe in me, the people who work for me, the people who get inspiration from the things I do, or even the random people I meet along the way. This year, I am more determined to aim higher and I'll definitely work harder for more dreams to come true. 2013, let's get it on! May we all have a blessed 2013! :)


  1. Wow! Good for you, your 2012 was a blast! =)


  2. Thank you Krystal! Happy New Year! :)