Saturday, October 23, 2010

Color Palette Skirt

I love colors! And if it isn't obvious in my previous posts, it should be by now. Fabric shopping is one thing that I really enjoy. And when I'm out in a fabric store with so many beautiful fabrics to choose from, I always feel like a crazy person not knowing what to do or what to get. So basically, when I'm in a situation like this, I just go for whatever catches my eye first. This particular fabric was one of those which really stood out. I'm supposed to use this fabric for my school projects but since we were advised not to use silks for our projects, I just made a balloon skirt out of it. Paired it with my pleated top from Binkydoodles.. And this outfit reminds me of my Mom's ballroom dancing days (haha!). :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bingka! I volunteer my self to be your makeup artist and photographer na din if you wanna on your next collection haha ^0^ check out my blog ( if you want a glimpse of my makeup skill (kuno LOLz) Jyaa~!