Monday, October 25, 2010

Class Activity- Stovepipe Collar

Yesterday, my friend Iya and I went to the fabric store to get our yards for our midterms. We are going to make trousers this coming Wednesday, and I'm really excited about it! This will be my first time to make pants so I'm also hoping to come-up with something worth wearing. And so yesterday, I finally found a way to wear my stovepipe collar project for Sewing and Pattern class. Actually, I initially didn't like how my project turned out. First, because it's a little big, and second, because it looks too costumey. But anyway, I managed to solve the "fit" problem with the help of hook&eye closures. And the costumey problem? Nah, I'm loving it already.. haha.. I'm just happy that I was able to wear it. It simply means that no efforts were wasted. :)

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