Friday, November 12, 2010

Basic White Shirt Project

For our FashArt class, we were asked to visit Outerspace Gallery at The Collective to check out Mr. Benji Belgica's paintings. The task was to choose one painting and get inspiration from it then transform a basic white t-shirt into another garment with the painting as our inspiration. When I walked inside the gallery, and went through all the paintings, one thing came to my mind- the beautiful digitally printed fabrics that got me crazy in Brunei. The paintings like the fabrics, looked textured that it made me want to touch it just to check if there's something underneath that brings about the kind of texture that I'm seeing. All the paintings were wonderful and colorful. But there was this particular painting which really caught my attention because it looked like one of my fabrics. I picked Sir Benji's Absence of Patterns painting for that reason since I also didn't know which one to choose.

  White T-shirt
  Chiffon Fabric
  Cotton Polyester Fabric
  Fabric Strips (retaso)
While working on my shirt, I used the title of the painting, "Absence of Patterns" as my guiding principle. I literally didn't pattern or measure anything, I didn't sew the edges, I just allowed myself to do the crafting freely, the way I see how the painting was done.

We will be doing a class photoshoot of our white shirts soon! :)

                                                       KC modeling my shirt for the class

                                                           the shirt on my favorite SoFA Fashionista, Shen

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