Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Corset Day

For this week's Pattern3 and Sewing3 class, we were taught how to make corsets. It's quite time consuming though so no one was able to finish within the day. Our deadline will be next week and we will be using the same project for the embellishment topic. I'm excited to finish mine and I'm excited to see my classmates' projects as well. :)

Here's Ms Loida Hunter, demonstrating the process for the class.

Leopard prints are so 2011 and I can feel that this trend will be a big hit all throughout the year. And since I don't have any item in my closet in this particular print, I decided to pick a leopard print fabric for my project. I don't really intend to wear this... Of course it'll depend on either my success or failure in this activity (haha). I'll blog about this when I'm done.. :)  

If' there's one closet I would want to raid among all the Fashionistas in school, it would be hers. Meet my classmate and friend, Shen Jarlega. She's one of those gals whom I look forward to seeing in school because of what she wears. I'll be posting more of her looks soon for you to understand why I love her wardrobe.. :)  

Another hot trend to watch out for this year is the grown-up look of the 70's..... And here's what I wore as inspired by this trend. :)
see-through floral top from Binkydoodles,
high-waist trousers from Binkydoodles,
comfy 5inch-platform wedge from Charles and Keith,
 leather sling bag from Coldwater Creek
accessories from my secret place


  1. thank you Binky for the wonderful words:) iloveit:)

  2. ikaw pa.. heheh.. next tym feature kita dito.... :)