Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seamstress by Heart

It was one random day back in 2007 when Mom and I dropped by Ace Hardware to get some stuff. I walked around while waiting for her to finish when I saw this tiny sewing machine at one corner. The moment I saw it, I already knew I had to own it. I can't exactly remember what my very first project was but what I can recall is that at that time, I was really into making fabric purses and bags. I don't know if the idea of making these stuffs just sort of popped out of my head or if it was because bags and purses were easier to cut and sew. But I guess what really inspired me, were the craft books we had at home. So when I learned how the tiny machine worked, I got so amazed with it that I went to the fabric store just so I would have enough fabric to play around with. It worked me wonders though it looked more of a toy than a real machine. And that was when I realized how sewing can be so powerful. It made me realize how cool it is to turn flat fabrics, into something dimensional just by putting pieces together through several stitches.

Here are some of my very first projects. I made all of these bags and purses using my "toy machine". I even remember having my poor machine repaired at Ace Hardware every now and then because it broke down several times.But the good thing is that through a friend, I was able to sell all these stuffs! haha

From these bags, I don't know why all of a sudden I was already more into designing clothes. And now, after learning all the basics and the most important techniques from my teachers at the School of Fashion and the Arts, I think I've grown a lot from the girl who would force the tiny machine to make wonders. I now know how a real sewing machine works, and more importantly, I now understand it by heart. At this point I'm actually quite addicted with making my own outfits and I've got a pile of fabrics in my apartment waiting to be turned into something interesting. Here are 2 of my latest projects. These aren't school related though. I simply enjoy buying fabrics, sewing, and finally wearing them. I'll be posting more made by me outfits soon.. :)

tank top and peach top with lace details from Forever21,
chiffon midi-skirt made by me,
platform sandals from Nine West,
belt from Celine,
bag from China (gift from a friend),
pearl headband made by me,
bangles from my secret place,
necklace from Padini

Slashed Shirt

yellow slashed shirt made by me,
tank top from Forever21,
acid washed jeans from Tutuban Mall,
black strappy sandals from VNC,
leather sling bag from Coldwater and Creek,
accessories from my secret place

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