Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The One-Piece Swimsuit Project

Yeeessss, I'm officially back in SoFA and I'm now on my third term, though I only have two subjects for this term so it's just a one-day Tuesday class. For our first project in Sewing 3 and Pattern 3, our first task was to make swimsuits in two variations- basic, and color blocked. Since we didn't have enough time to look for fabrics, I had to stick with plain colors. For the basic swimsuit, I used silver and for my color blocked entry, I combined peach and cream. Since we were only asked to do the basic pattern for our first swimsuit, I just thought of a more challenging design for my color blocked swimsuit. I didn't want to stick with the cut-out patterns since I wanted to do something more difficult. And indeed I was challenged! Phew! I got stressed-out while sewing the styled parts since the fabric was spandex (whose properties are beyond normal). I've always wanted to design my own swimsuit line but I know I don't have the capacity to do all things at once. But I guess learning how to make my own swimsuit is a good start. :-)

Basic Swimsuit (the making, front and back details)

Color Blocked Swimsuit (the making, front and back details)

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