Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Trend: Cropped Shirt

Cropped tops or cutoff shirts are one of the hot summer season's must haves. They are comfortable and easy to wear and are perfect for those who still want to stay stylish despite their busy and active lifestyles. These are very flexible pieces which works well with shorts, skirts, or even pants. Layering and accessorizing may also work in complimenting these summer basics. For those who are planning to travel and relax this season, don't forget to take at least a piece with you. Whether you're planning a beach, nature, or city trip, this will surely give you a break from your usual outfits. :)

photo from

 collage images from

I was at the fabric store to get some yards for my projects when I spotted this pretty shirt fabric. I bought 3/4 of a yard and made it into a cropped top as inspired by this trend. I wore it with a tank top inside since the fabric is see-through.

inner top from Forever21,
cropped shirt, made by me,
white shorts from Zara,
sandals from VNC,
accessories from my secret place

close-up shot of the fabric

Our activity for the day was to pattern and sew clown pants. I opted for cotton linen since I wanted to make comfy pants that would at the same time look polished. Here's a sneak peak of what I made for the day. I'm making a top to match it. And I'll wear it too..... Soon.. :)


  1. cool how did you make it

  2. hello there! it's very simple.. you just have to cut the fabric in a tank top pattern (just a little shorter), then sew the edges for a clean finish... :)