Saturday, March 12, 2011

Things That Inspire Me

Yesterday, I met up with two of my friends Nychill and Hae who are both leaving the county tomorrow. Hae's going back to China while Nychill will be in Kuala Lumpur for 2 months. These hardworking girls inspire me to do better at what I do. They were the people whom I've shared most of my college days with. We used to spend as much time together back then but since we've all been busy with our lives, we only get to spend little time together. But I guess we were able to wrap everything up over dinner. I'll miss them both but I know it won't be long enough till we'd meet again. :)


my bag and skirt has almost the same print :)
 Sunset dinner @ Mongkok with Hae and Nych

top from Forever21,
button down floral skirt, made by me,
sandals from VNC,
bag from Oilily (gift from my Mom), 
accessories from my secret place

After our early dinner we went to Rockwell Tent's summer bazaar. Here's a picture of Soak Swimwear's booth at the bazaar.

I bought a new bikini from Soak and clogs from Capital Vice by Soulier (both brands are locally designed and produced). Young designers and young entrepreneurs inspire me much!

I think I've been so inspired lately, that I actually consider doing my April collection all by myself. I'm almost done with school and I think after my Pattern and Sewing series from SoFA, I'd be ready to do my own collections. Of course I won't be able to do complicated styles yet but I would at least want to give it a try. Yesterday while checking my favorite blogs, I found this post from Keiko Lynn. I got so attracted with her outfit from her latest post that I went through her previous blogs and found out that she makes her own outfits too. She actually owns an online store where she sells her own creations. Like me, she also loves fashion but more than anything, she's also practical. And that inspires me even more. :)

Here's a picture of my friend Au in Panglao Island, Bohol. She's wearing one of my recent creations, an embroidered floral maxi dress. :)

To update you with what I've been working on lately, my summer collection for Binkydoodles will be out by next week. Here's the mood board which I'm looking at as our guide for our shoot next week. We'll be having "tribal-ish" printed maxi dresses, embroidered tube dresses and jumpsuits, floral and paisley polos, and silk cover-up dresses. Please watch-out for the release of the collection. :)


  1. Lovly blog! I love your skirt!

    The Flower Girl

  2. aw thanks for the sweet comment.. i'll visit ur blog too :)