Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Multi-way Chiffon Cover-up

I know it's a little late to join Lookbook but hey, I still signed-up. I'm exposing myself to as much fashion as I can because I know this will help me in my line of work. And although I visit the site every once in a while, I still don't know how everything works. For my 1st post, I wore a cover-up which I made as my project for Leg-of-Mutton sleeves application. I originally wanted to do a button down chiffon blouse but since I wanted to do away with stressful plackets and loops, I came-up with a stress free design.


When I got home, and tried it on, I realized that it can be worn in 3 more ways (haha)!

with Keena Tria :)

I love my new pair of clogs! :)
tank top from Forever21,
Multi-way blazer, made by me,
clogs from Capital Vice by Soulier,
flared shorts from a bazaar,
accessories from my secret place

I love Tippi Sy's pleated midi skirt!

Ms. Loida Hunter's pretty client trying on her fab gown. :)


  1. hi, do you have a contact # ba of Capital Vice? Im planning to order shoes from them kasi.. Thank you.

  2. hello! sorry i don't have their number at the moment but i'll go to trinoma this pm... might as well visit their store and get their number. will just update you :)