Monday, April 25, 2011

Boring to Interesting: A Deconstruction Project

When my client asked me to fix her dress, I thought I was just going to fix a few things for the dress to have a better fit on her. But when she showed me the dress, I figured she wanted me to transform it into something different.. At first I didn't know what to do. I haven't handled a similar project before. Well I've deconstructed a basic white shirt before, but is that counted? Anyway, the reason why I find this one very interesting is first, because this one is a classic piece in a classic cut which means so much can be done with it, and second, because it has a very interesting print. I actually love the print of this dress! So basically, the challenge here is to transform the classic cut (or can I say "boring"?) into something more interesting. Something that's NOW. My client didn't specify anything except that she wanted the sleeves removed and the length reduced. She's going to wear this dress to her friend's wedding so I had the occasion in mind too.

Here's a before and after picture of the dress. Can't wait to see my client in her newly deconstructed dress. Will post her pictures when I have them. But for now, just let her identity be a secret. :)

Larger View

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