Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Last SoFAbulous Day

I'm facing yet another happy-sad stage in my life now. I just finished my stint in SoFA and soon, I'll be leaving the apartment which has become my home for the last 9 months. I'll be based in Iloilo again for good (well, at least for now). I just need to give myself time to settle things. It would be easier for me to live there. Not that I don't like it here in Manila. I actually love living here alone because it allows me to think more. I actually believe that I've become more creative in the last few months. I guess being alone helped me to focus on a lot of things because I have more time for myself. This is not the end of a happy chapter though. There's still no better place than home so I'm still happy. I'd be shuttling myself back and forth again just to be here. Well, my life in the past 3 years has been this way, so I'm quite used to it already (happy-sad). :|

Pictures taken during my last day as a SoFA student. :(

I'll miss you all guys!!! :(

 What I Wore:
ruffled romper from Forever21,
crochet vest from Promod,
studded peeptoes from Dorothy Perkins,
belt from New York and Company,
necklace, gift from Nenen and Nang Che

As promised, here are my pictures wearing the dress that I made for our finals. The animal print fabric which I used to make this dress was sent by my Mom. The length wasn't enough for my design though, so I had to use additional fabric. I used black to give it an accent. This look isn't my personality but as I've said, I've always wanted to try out something new, so here's a not-so-me look. :)

This dress is woven so can you imagine how difficult it was making this dress? My design actually included sleeves in black chiffon but since I was already stressed out doing the weaves, I decided not to put the sleeves on anymore. But I realized it would have looked better with long sleeves. Check-out the necklace that I made for this dress! :)

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