Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Full Bloom

This day has really got something to do with flowers! First, I wore a floral robe which I made (this particular design will also be part of my next collection for Binkydoodles).

Ms Loida made her top too! :)

floral robe, made by me,
yellow green tank top from Pinky Binky,
shoes from Jellybean,
acid washed cut-offs from 168 Mall,
jade braelet from Mom,
rings and bangles from my secret place

Second, the fabric I used for my toiling project had flowers and rhinestones all over it. I worked on this project for 2 sessions that I almost gave-up on it. But hey, I'm finally done with it! Whew! I think by looking at it, you'd understand why I had so much stress doing this project (haha)...

And the highlight of the day- Shen's ukay-ukay! Being one of those who convinced her to do a closet clean-up, I was given the privilege to be one of the first to choose from her stuffs. Guess what I bought? The very cute floral shoes I'm wearing in the picture above! She never wore that pair, lucky me huh?! Aside from this really cute pair of Jellybean flats, I also bought from her another never worn pair of black peeptoes from Dorothy Perkins! I'm just lucky to have the same shoe size as hers, so there's no competition at all!  I actually wore a different pair but I just had to change since the shoes I bought matched my outfit so well. :)
 Shen's trunk full of clothes, bags, and shoes!!! :)

Ms Loida bought all these bags! 

The girl behind all these... Shen Jarlega wearing her trouser project... :)


  1. binky.... ahhahahahha thanks for featuring me. LOL.. but I look so fat and haggard on my pic... hahahhahahha thanks for buying those stufff...:)

  2. ofcors not! u look pretty kaya.. as always.. see u this friday! i'm really excited!