Friday, April 15, 2011

I ♥ SoFA

I've never loved school the way I do now. How can one not love school when it's the place where you'd meet the most interesting set of people? I remember sometime in 2007 or 2008 when got the chance to pass by Paseo de Roxas and saw SoFA for the very first time, I silently thought to myself at that time that one day, I would be studying there. Never did I think that more than just studying and meeting these people I used to see only in magazines, I would find myself having another set of friends. SoFA is a dream come true for me that if school means SoFA, I would consider studying forever (haha). I'm down to my last class this Tuesday. Even just the thought of it makes me feel sad. But what makes me happy on the otherhand is the fact that more than just broadening my knowledge, experience and network, I've found true friends too. The short time I got to spend here is one very colorful chapter I'll never forget. I know I can always go back. So I will.. Sometime again soon... :)

One of my very first pictures in SoFA taken months and months ago. This was my fattest so far, haha.
 pink top from Bayo,
denim tiered skirt from Zara,
studded bag from Tita Annie,
necklace from my secret place

On a different but related note, here's an amazing shoot done by Danika Navarro and her team for one of their school projects and for her up coming line, Boheme. Danika was my classmate during my 1st two terms in school and I believe she's really one of SoFA's most talented. Her models include popular fashion bloggers Kryz Uy and Patricia Prieto who are also SoFA students.

creative director and head stylist: Danika Rio Navarro
asst. stylists: Shen Jarlega, Patricia Prieto, Turx Tolentino
models: Patricia Prieto, Kryz Uy, Jan Aranilla
photographers: Hannah Reyes, Tippi Sy
make-up: Legna Ennyhl
set and production heads: Shen Jarlega, Turx Tolentino
book layout: Danika Rio Navarro
sponsor: Kandi Treats

Here's another interesting thing I would like to share. Take a look at how the people who work in SoFA dress-up. Would you not be pressured to look presentable if these are the people you bump into everyday? For details, click this link.
Photo from

Yesterday was another big event for SoFA and Triumph as they awarded the winner of the Triumph Inspiration Award. The competition was among the talented SoFA students enrolled in the 2year and 4year diploma course. The winner of the competiotion will compete against reprasentatives from other countries in Berlin, Germany.

National Winner, Pristine de Guzman

1st Runner-up Steph Verano

If anyone's interested to enrol in any of SoFA's summer workshops, do visit the links below. :)


  1. shen!!! so sad talaga :( ... don't worry visit ako every month.. mag iipon tlaga ako para shopping tayo pg nasa manila ako.... hahaha