Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Down to the Last

I've always been into the safe side of fashion. But since I studied at SoFA, my style has changed a bit in the sense that  I've been more experimental in terms of what to wear. I've become more open to trying things besides my own style, although my personal aesthetic still peaks through no matter what. I guess the reason for this is because I'm surrounded by really artistic and appreciative people in school. Although we share the same passion, each person is still unique in his/her own way. I've been in a very healthy environment for the past months, and it has been amazing!

Photos by Shen Jarlega

mustard dress from Forever21,
cropped shirt from Pinky Binky,
studded wedges from Charles and Keith,
chain necklace from my secret place

Here's Jezl of Rome shoes, also wearing a cropped shirt but in an entirely different way. :)

In terms design aesthetics, I've also been more experimental. In my desire to be as versatile as possible, I've been trying to push myself to my limits by doing things I'm not even sure I can really do. I'm down to my last SoFA project so I really want to give it my best. Here's what I'm working on now (still soo much to do). I'll post pictures of the design and the finished product soon.. :)

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