Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quarter Life Celebration

This entry is more of a personal rather than a fashion/career related post. Let me just share with you the highlights of how I turned 25. :)

Back in my teens I pictured myself married at the age of 25. And now that I'm on it, I find it quite silly because now, I just think that my ideal marrying age when I was younger, seemed too soon. I'm at a point in my life now where I still have so much dreams and I feel that now is the best time to work on those dreams. I'm at this age where I can decide and do things on my own while there's not much responsibilities yet. Right now, I'm just enjoying the freedom that I have to do my thing. Now is a time when I'm most driven and most passionate. But if I ask myself if I've done enough at this age, my answer would still be NO. I know I've done what I can do, but I know I can still do better in the future. I'm really thankful that I have tomorrows to fulfill my dreams. And I'm most thankful that I have loving and supportive people around me. Love love love you all! May God always bless us all! :)

WHEN: April 16, 2011
WHERE: Tigbauan, Iloilo
WHAT: Urban Safari Boodle Party with I.,C2

friends :)

I was really surprised to get presents from my friends. Thank you! 
Nenen wearing a skirt from Binkydoodles and a top from Pinky Binky. :)

What I Wore:
pleated trapeze dress, my design
zip up platforms from Charles and Keith
belt and necklace from Gorgeous


My Mom wearing the top I made for her. Take note that the fabric of her top and the fabric used for my dress are sister fabrics. :)

WHEN: April 17, 2011
WHERE:  California Pizza Kitchen, Greenbelt
WHAT: Dinner with Friends
My friends surprised me with this yummy dessert plus candle, haha!

What I Wore:
lace empire dress from Forever21,
silver bow flats from Nine West,
pink ruched sling bag from my friend Hae,
bangle from my Mom,
necklace from my secret place

WHEN: April 18, 2011
WHERE: SM Mall of Asia
WHAT: Zipline surpise by Boyfie

Steak and salad at Holy Cow (Us in our most HAGGARD look, haha). 

What I Wore:

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