Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BSB with Friends

I waited too long for this trip to happen after the delays I had to go through to have my passport renewed. This is my 2nd out of the country trip with friends, and this time, our destination is none other than BRUNEI. This place is not an excellent place for shopping though. But I'm not here for that anyway. My original travel buddies Eleanor and Nychill are both out there somewhere so they were not able to join us. But we shall reunite again soon, and I am so looking forward to it. I won't spill our next destinations yet but it will unfold here soon. Although my BSB travel buddies are both home now, I'm really glad Au and Cami were able to join me... :)

 I planned to wear heels on the day of our flight but good thing I changed my mind. So here I am, wearing my ever so trusty rain or shine flats (haha).

The main reason why I'm here. Okay, so the little girl in me is back. Bratinella alert. :)

Some snapshots of our first day for this trip.. :)

What I Wore:
chiffon cardigan, made by me,
top from The Ramp,
skirt from Forever21,
heels from Mom,
bag from Nine West

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