Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trend Report: Layering

Because of the very unpredictable weather, layering is one of the most useful fashion trends in seasons like this. And the key to successful layering is stocking-up on basics and cover-ups so when the need arises, you can just pick-up something from your closet and layer it with another.
Last Friday, my friends and I decided to take a road trip to San Jose in Antique despite the bad weather in Iloilo. It took us a one and a half hour drive to get there. When we got there, it was a bit cloudy but the sun was up somehow. Special thanks to our sponsors, Anthony Cansansio and Chino Lim for the fun "San Juan" event! Haha! :)

What I Wore:
chiffon robe, made by me,
tank top, Pinky Binky,
peach acid washed shorts, Zara,
bandeau, Soak Swimwear

Kammea Resort

I'm still craving for Barrio House's Sinigang sa Gabi! :)
With my friends and all the foods!! HIHIHI =D

Here's another layered look from my Lookbook. Wore this yesterday at the airport. I'm back in the Big Metro, yihee! Anyway, I usually wear layers whenever I travel because for me, it's the best way to stay comfortable.
What I Wore:
kimono, thrifted,
tank top and shorts for Forever21,
embellished belt, Mom's
resin bangles from Cebu,
sandals from VNC

Would just like to share with you how excited I am to wear my newest pair of platforms from Jellybean!! I've been in Iloilo for a month and I haven't bought anything while I was there. So when I arrived yesterday, the first thing I did was check Jellybean's big sale. I kind of feel bad though because the pink suede platforms I bought from their store before I came home to Iloilo is now on sale, 50% off huh! But anyway, the one I bought yesterday is part of their new collection. I'm just so excited to wear it!

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