Friday, July 29, 2011

DIY: Make Your Own Accessories

This blog post is for the accessories I made just recently. As usual, I failed to document the processes but I promise that soon, I'll find time to do a step by step process on how these were made. I've been getting a lot of great ideas from Honestlywtf. Here are some images from one of my favorite DIY blogs. :)

Photo from Honestlywtf.


Photo from Honestlywtf.

Here's what I made as inspired by the two images above. These bracelets can also be worn as chokers (check the next image). And by the way, Honestlywtf is currently holding a blog give-away. Talk about perfect timing, I made these bracelets a week ago and this blog post has been a draft here but since I found out about the blog give away, I decided to finally edit and publish this post. And I'll be needing your help! If you like what I did and if you want me get their freebies, please help me by liking my entry!! Here's what you need to do:

  1.) Like Honestlywtf on facebook by clicking here .
  2.) Then like my entry here.


The other accessories I made. :)

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