Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mara Clara Invades Gandang Gabi Vice :)

Last night wasn't my first at ABS-CBN. My first time there was when I guested for the MYX Wer U @ show back in 2008. I can still remember how thrilled I was when I was told that we were going to tape inside the famous ABS-CBN ELJ building. I practically grew-up watching and following Kapamilya shows so my 1st time there was already such a big thing to me. My 2nd time there was another story. And that was for a bazaar which I signed-up with back in 2009. And my 3rd time which happened just last night, is an entirely different story. As I've mentioned in my previous blog, Binkydoodles will be one of Julia Montez's sponsors. So yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet her (thanks to her stylist, Kar Sison). Having been able to watch her guesting for Gandang Gabi Vice was a big plus. The opportunity was very timely because I just came back from my trip to Brunei and by Saturday I'll be off to Iloilo again. It was also a plus that I met her Mara Clara co-star Kathryn Bernardo. The two were really both polite and friendly. Oh well, I have to admit that last night was another starstruck moment for me (oh please forgive the jejemon in me), and another dream come true too. :)

Julia getting made-up. She was very warm and "makulit" to the people around her. And she never missed-out on a single "po" or "opo" to me and to the others. :)


She was game enough to pose with me even with her rollers on. And yeah, she's taller than I expected.

Julia's Outfit:
top from her stylist,
shorts from Binkydoodles,
belt from her stylist


The ever bongga fashionista/model/stylist, Kar Sison.

Kathryn Bernardo. She was also makulit, and friendly. :)

"Kulitan" with Vice Ganda was really spontaneous even before the camera rolled. Watch this episode with the Mara Clara girls either this Sunday or next Sunday. Vice Ganda is indeed very very funny. We were all laughing the whole time! :)

The lovely Mara Clara girls.. They're having a movie and another show together soon.. Watch-out for it too! :)

We bumped into Melai in her "gusgusing bata" costume on our way to the studio. She even apologized for her hair's smell. She said that it smelled bad because of the "gamot". HAHA. She was exactly the way she is on TV, very "kalog".

Roha Martinez and I with the very funny Showtime duo, Jugs and Teddy. Watch their GGV episode too!

Now, time for my outfit details. HAHA.

I am so loving my super ka duper necklace from where else, but my secret place!

electric blue oversized top from Pink Clothes,
lace bodycon skirt from Forever21,
shoes from Bangkok,
accessories from my secret place


  1. wow nice opportunity you got there! :)

  2. aw thanks denise.. i feel lucky having been tagged for this.. :)

  3. Hi nang, aiza ni. Congratss! :) Maging popular ka pa gid na fashion designer sa future! :)))

  4. hi aiza! ikaw na gali? hehe.. ano blog mo?? thanks gd.. baw tani gd mag abot ko sa muna nga level.. haha

  5. yeah, she is TALL! haha.. thanks ellen.. :)

  6. Nice short worn by Julia.. luv it! Congrats! :)