Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back Track

Most of the people who know me personally are aware that when I started out selling stuffs online through my Multiply, I also designed accessories. Some of my works were then featured in magazines, and I even got myself on TV because of it. My bf/image consultant “kunu” suggested along time ago that I should change my profile description and include these things in my blog. And whenever he mentions that, I just tell him that I'll find the right time to insert it in my blog. Just a few days ago, my Adidas model and SoFA friend Kar Sison (now the stylist of a young TV personality), asked me if I could be her and her celebrity's “official sponsor” for accessories. Who would say no to that (I'll be spilling the details when the “official” becomes official)? And although I'm not officially selling accessories right now, I still do crafty stuffs every once in a while not just for myself, but also for clients who ask me on special requests. So I thought, maybe this is the right time for me to do what my bf has been asking me to do (LOL). :)

Polymer clay flipflops and lollies stud earrings featured in Candy Magazine December 2008.

Colorful fabric wrapped bangles featured in Mega Magazine with Kelly Misa on the cover.

One blog post wouldn't be enough if you'd ask me to post everything so here are just some of my favorite works. :)

Clay Works

 My Adidas Models Kar Sison and Joannah Gonzales (plus myself) wearing the turbans I made. :)

 Headbands and peacock earrings on my pretty model, Charlene Barrera. :)

And here are some BTS snapshots of my TV guestings not so long ago.. Haha.

The Sweet Life
November 2007
Watch the video here.
Us Girls
April 2008
Watch it here.

 MYX Where U @
November 2008
More details on this link.

I feel really blessed that all these unexpected opportunities once came my way and every now and then, great opportunities still go knocking on my door. I've also missed out on a lot of opportunities before because some things are just beyond my capacity. But I just keep on aiming higher and working harder. I know these unexpected blessings are God's way of showing me that this is what he wants me to do, to follow my passion and honor the talent that was given to me. :)

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