Monday, July 11, 2011

Fabric Shopping

I've mentioned a couple of times here in my blog how amazed I am with the fabric selection here in Brunei. As far as my love for prints and colors are concerned, this place has more than what I can handle. It's in this place that I've seen so many beautiful prints all at once. And now that I have my fabrics with me, I can't wait to work on my next collection. I'm also taking advantage of my trip here to find the perfect fabric which I'll be using for my 1st ever fashion show. Yes, I'll be part of a bridal fair in Alabang this November. And this will be another 1st for me. But anyway, since the event is still months away, let me just talk more about it next time.

See what I mean? :)

Anyway, I have a funny story about my outfit here. When I came out of my room, my Mom disagreed on me wearing the red platforms with my outfit. She said I looked "baduy". I told her that once in a while I have to dress out of my usual style. After all, how can I dress other people if im not brave enough to trying things out. It also made me remember a certain instance when I was still young. We were off to a party, I guess I was about 9 or 10 at that time. My Mom usually allows me to wear what ever I want to wear. But that certain time, I came out wearing my heavily printed shorts, matched with a printed polo shirt. I remember how she emphasized that time that I should never wear print against print. I guess I was too colorful and heavy on prints that time, haha. But I think I insisted on wearing my original ensemble. Who would have thought that the print on print thing I tried out as a kid would turn out to be a real trend? Afterall, dressing-up is all about feeling confident about what you wear despite what other people think. So even if she disagreed, I stick-up to my decision. Mom still took my pictures anyway, so I guess I was able to convince her that I wasnt "baduy" at all. HAHA. By the way, this pajama was originally for my boyfriend. I made it for him but after finishing it, I thought it was too small. So I just made him another one, and kept this one for myself. LOL. :)

What I Wore:
white lace polo from Greenhills,
paisley printed genie pants, made by me,
suede platforms from Jellybean,
bag and belt from Charles and Keith

On another note, here's another recent project of mine. Remember the Alice in Wonderland inspired dress (read about it here)? My client, Ms. Ghe Galeno who has a wedding to attend to, wanted a dress that was similar to the Alice in Wonderland dress I made for another friend. I asked her if it was ok if I make her another design, with the new design derived from what she originally wanted. When she said yes, I asked her to choose from 2 designs and here's the design that made it. So now her dress  is an Alice in Wonderland Inspired-Inspired dress (whhaaatt??). :)

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