Sunday, July 10, 2011

Imperial Afternoon

I got really excited when my Mom told me that my friends and I can spend a night at the Empire Hotel. Resort wear here we come, I was just really excited! Unfortunately, when she called to reserve us a room, it was already fully-booked due to the Brunei Darussalam International Defence Exhibition 2011 (BRIDEX). Talk about wrong timing, boooohh! But since it was the last day of my friends here, we decided to just go there and take pictures. One's trip to Brunei would never be complete without stopping by the Empire Hotel. My other friend, Cami had to stay home though because she was not feeling well. So anyway, Au and I went on with our pictorial. HAHA.

A picture with Au at the hotel's lobby.

Mom and Au :)

Are we in a luxury car show? Just look at all these cars!

What I Wore:
peach top from 50th Avenue,
sheer maxi pants, Binkydoodles,
bag from Nine West,
suede platforms from Jellybean

We met this group of photographers at Jalan Sultan where they took shots of the streets especially lighted for the Sultan's birthday.

Pizza and pasta, take home for Cami. :)

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