Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mother and Daughter Bonding with Mother Nature

Aside from the shopping trips and travels I've had with my mom, the experience I had with her yesterday was really one of the best. She does not have work on Fridays so we had the whole day to spend together. From Bandar, we took the fast craft to get to Temburong, where we cruised the river for about 45 minutes. Then, from there, it took us another 30 minutes to travel by land to get to the rainforest resort. When we arrived there, we were accommodated by Izean (an attachment student), who later joined us as we trekked our way to the tree tops. What I've experienced yesterday was beyond my expectations. The scenery was really wonderful and movie-like. It was the best nature trip I've ever had and I'm skipping one blog post for this. :)

Temburong Terminal


The clean river was so inviting that it made me wish I had extra clothes so I could dip into the water.
Meet the very friendly and accommodating Izean. We had coffee by the river before starting our "into-the-wild" adventure . :)

I've always dreamed of rafting into rivers so there I was, enjoying every bit of it. My Mom who sat in front of me took pictures of me in all angles. HAHA. :)

Crossing paths with tourists who were on the same adventure. :)

We had our toilet stop-over in one of the resorts before heading to the mountain of trees.

Here we go.. Paving our way to the top! We had to shed gallons of sweat to get there, talk about exercise! :)

We're now hundreds of meters above, yet that's not it. We had to climb these stilt towers to get our way up the tree tops, phew! :)

Here we are, doing our canopy walk, we're almost there!

We made it, sweat and muscle pain all for the good view!

I love all kinds of adventure involving the water so the river portion of our trip was really my favorite! I really regret not taking extra clothes with me though. :(

To be able to cross a real hanging bridge was also a childhood dream of mine. This is yet another fulfilled dream. :)

This way leads to the waterfalls which took us another 5 minute walk. :)

Having my much needed fish spa by the waterfalls, how cool is that? Bye bye dead skin cells! HAHA.

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