Monday, August 22, 2011

Rules are Made to be Broken

Just a week ago I promised myself to stick to my shopping ban. I was seriously following it and everything actually just went fine until I stepped inside Jellybean's store last week while I was in Manila. The moment I saw this pretty pair of floral t-straps, I already knew I'd break my rule. I tried on the Jeffrey Campbell-inspired pair and boom! It was very comfomfortable that I was convinced that the pair was worthy enough for me to break my rule. Their Megamall branch didn't have my size, but they still had one in my size in another branch and they actually volunteered to pick-up the stock so I can get it from their branch the next day (special thanks to Au for picking-up my shoes). I was told that they only have 2 stocks per size, in every branch so I thought, If I wait until next month, they may not have my size anymore. So I made a very wise decision. And the lesson I learned? It's okay to break rules, especially when it's for this pretty pair! HAHA. And before I forget, I'm currently working on my September collection and it'll be sweet, and girly.. Just like this super pretty pair... I'm more than inspired... Wohhhoooo! ;)

What I Wore:
mustard sweetheart-cut dress from Forever21,
lace blazer from a thrift shop, 
floral t-straps from Jellybean,
bangles, made by me

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