Thursday, September 15, 2011

KL Minute

Our time in KL (Kuala Lumpur) was short so we had to maximize all the time we had to go around the city. We arrived there around 2pm but since the queue for the immigration was very long, we came out after an hour. As soon as we came out, we had coffee at Oldtown White Coffee while we waited for Gary (Nych's BF), whose flight from Kuching got delayed. We all came out of the airport at around 4:30pm. From the airport, we went for a 30minute drive to the city and went shoe shopping at one of our favorite shoe stores, Vincci (also known as VNC)!!! I got 2 new pairs since the brand is a local brand in Malaysia and it's a lot cheaper when you buy there. Reasons, reasons.. HAHA. We also took a stroll at the Pavillion Mall and after that, we went for a ride around the city. It was raining hard though so instead of posing in front of the twin towers right then and there, we decided to go up to Genting Highlands first. Then at Genting Highlands, we didn't have jackets with us so we almost got frozen up there (HAHA). We didn't get a good view of the city too from up there because it was already dark and very foggy. After our stop at Genting Highlands, it was finally time for us to go back to the city and have our picture in front of the twin towers. So we drove for an hour to go back to the city and by the time we got there, it was already past midnight. It was already around 4am when we got back, then to our dismay, the lights at the twin towers were already shut off.. Talk about cost cutting! Nyahahaha! Our bus ride to Singapore was at 6am and the sun rises in KL at around 8am so we decided to just have our pictures taken at the twin towers despite the lack of lights. It was good enough for us.. Enough evidence to tell our friends that we were in KL. HAHAHA.

Quick snapshot before the plane took off (with my travel buddies Au and Nych). :)

Our first stop was at the famous Oldtown White Coffee by the airport. :)

Stolen shot inside the Pavillion.
 With my girls.. :)

Nych and Gary.... Road trip to Genting. :)

With our new friend, the very funny Mr. James. :p


And finally!!!! :p

Our KL trip was very short but we enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks to Nych and Gary for taking us around the city, and to Mr. James for the good laugh. HAHAHA!

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