Monday, September 5, 2011

Pretty Things by Binkydoodles

Just another fun shoot with the girls (with the special participation of Carrie)! As promised, here's the look book of my latest collection.. Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Valencia.. :)

Models: Marrah Trinidad and Urica Gonora
Photographer: BG Marie Valencia (
Make-up Artist: Merielle Silla
Styled by Binky Pitogo
Clothes from Binkydoodles


  1. are there stocks for the tribal/aztec print skirt?

  2. Hi. Are the blue dress in the 6th pic, and the tops in the 10th and 11th pic still available? Thanks! :)

  3. hello ladies! all the pieces you're interested in are already sold.. pls check back again by the 1st week of october for the next collection.. thanks!