Friday, September 16, 2011

SG Day 1: Shoe Crazy

We arrived in Singapore at around 12noon so we met up with our friend Norey (who's based there) right away. We found out it was the last day of the Charles and Keith warehouse sale so our first stop was nowhere else but the Charles and Keith warehouse. We had to leave our bags and we had to freshen-up so by the time we were ready for the warehouse sale, it was already 4pm (and the sale was only upto 5pm of that day). Almost all the ladies we bumped into on our way there, had atleast a Charles and Keith paper bag (some were even carrying 5-6 huge paper bags) so we were really worried that we'd be left with nothing by the time we get there. So we decided to split into two groups. Norey and Au had to rush to the nearest money changer while I had to rush to the warehouse to make sure we make it there before 5pm. Can you imagine me running past through around 30 people in a short skirt and flatforms? Yes, I went running as if I was heading for the finish line. HAHA. That's how crazy I am. :p

When I got there I felt relieved because there was still a lot.. And I really mean A LOT! Although there were lots of people there, the stocks for the sale were enough to accomodate all the diehard shoppers. It was also there that I found out that Pedro and Charles and Keith were the same company. There was so much to choose from that after going around the whole area, I ended up buying 3 pairs of Pedro shoes, one pair of Charles and Keith wedges, and a sling bag. Here's how it looked like inside the parking lot where the sale was held... It was the craziest shoe sale I've been to in my entire life! Phew!


My picks!  :)
As if the crazy shoe sale wasn't enough, we went to Bugis right after. Bugis is like the Greenhills Tiangge of Singapore.  There were lots of hip stores selling really pretty pieces from clothes, to bags to shoes. And again, Bugis gave me enough reason to go crazy, again!

After Bugis, we went to the Marina Bay area to have our dinner. Norey's treat at Just Acia. :)
Tomyum Pasta!!! Soo Yummy!

 After our dinner, we went outside to have a view of the city. I almost cried upon seeing the city lights. It was so beautiful and I felt accomplised having been able to fulfill one of my many dreams. And it was there where it all sank-in.. I was in Singapore... :)

We spent the rest of the night just sitting by the bay, talking about culture and lifestyle differences, how we used to dream of travelling together, and finally our bigger dreams. Ambitious much, right? :)

What I Wore:
black sleeveless top, thrifted,
electric blue bodycon skirt, Zara,
sling bag, Charles and Keith,
flatforms, Vincci Malaysia

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