Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Bestfriend's Wedding

Ever since we were kids, my friends and would I always make guesses on who would get married first. When we got a little older and some of our friends started getting married, we'd talk about who would be next to whom. But when my bestfriend Nychill first told me that she was getting married soon, I was shocked a bit because I didn't expect she would be next. At first I somehow had doubts about her decision. Or maybe I was just trying to deny it. We've been best buddies since high school and it was sort of difficult for me to let her go knowing that she'd be living a whole new life and that she's set to live in another country. But who am I to question her decision? I knew deep inside that even though I had doubts at first, she knew what she was doing.

The other day, I saw how my bestfriend's dream wedding came true. I tried my best to stop my tears from falling while she was walking down the aisle, but I failed. The event was intimate yet so meaningful because the people who mattered were there to witness their union. Visitors came all the way from the different parts of Malaysia, London, New York and the other parts of the Philippines. I saw how Gary's family and friends were so supportive and loving to the couple. And with the short time I was able to spend with Gary (I first met him when I was in Kauala Lumpur a few months ago), I was able to say how great he was with the way he and his company was. All of them were very nice, friendly and not to mention funny. I can just sit with them for a few minutes and feel like I've know them for a long time. That's how warm they are. Knowing that my bestfriend is going to be with a nice company gives me no reason to worry that she's going to live far away from her family and far from us, her friends. I know in my heart that she's in good hands. Yesterday was just so magical that if you were there during their big day, you'd stop asking why it all came fast. Their love story is one you'd only think you'll see in movies. And I'm just the happiest seeing my bestfriend marry the man of her dreams. :)

To the newly weds, you both know we'll all travel with you to your journey to forever. I wish you the best in your marriage and may God always shower you with blessings. Maligayang P***t-g**a!" Love you both! :)

Cutest wedding invitation I've ever seen. Hope I can show you what's inside the passport invitation. It really looks like the real thing. :)

Thank God the weather was just so perfect! 

The beautiful bride... :)

Cutie kids! 

The lovely couple, Mr and Mrs Gary Leo! :)

The bridesmaid.. I unfortunately forgot to bring my accessories and didn't have enough time to get new ones. I loved my dress anyway, so it didn't matter. :)

The venue, over-looking Taal Lake. It was the most romantic :)

With our other friends.. :)


  1. Congratulations Nych and Sir! Nice one binky! :)

  2. ikaw ngdesign sa mga gowns binx?