Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Look

My hair has always been in a dark shade and this is actually the first time I tried a lighter shade. It's still dark but definitely something different. My camera isn't good enough though so you won't be seeing the real color of my hair now. I also had it chopped a few inches to remove the split-ends. So what do you think about my new look? :)

What I Wore:
knit top and booties from Nava,
black tank from Surplus Shop,
DIY denim cut-offs,
Binkydoodles braided necklace,
cat necklace and rings from Shoppe and Mix,
belt from SM Department Store

And I just want to share this. Laureen Uy here is wearing a lavender mullet skirt from my Bold Move collection. See the whole collection HERE. For more details about Laureen's look, do visit her blog. :)

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