Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not a Tease, Just a Reminder

Guess what? My collection will be out earlier than expected! I had no team yet for my photo shoot yesterday- no model, no photographer, no make-up artist, the clothes weren't even done yet. So I contacted my friends and organized my team and after a few minutes of being stuck in thoughts, I decided that we push through today because today's the most ideal time for it. I'm such a busy-unorganized person but I'm really thankful I have friends who are always ready to help. Anyway, here are the teaser photos to my Techno-tribal collection. I will post the whole collection here in my blog tomorrow.. No definite time yet because I'm still waiting for our official photographer to upload the pictures... So make sure to come back again tomorrow and see the whole collection here first! :)

 Modelling by Grace Garces
Photos by Rhona Garces
Styling by Binky Pitogo
Hair and Make-up by Rhona Garces and Queene Gasataya


  1. Soo Colorful. ♥ Kawaii ♥

    Congratulations on your collection.
    Love it.♥


  2. thanks rochelle!!! hope you'll check it out when everything's out.. :)

  3. hi nang binks! if u need make up artist sunod willing gd ko hehe let me know :) love ur blog btw

    1. really chin?? cge2x!! thanks! will let you know.. usually abi diri lng kme sa tig or guimbal naga shoot para d budlay.. :)