Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY Lessons with MissPinkyBinky: Dip Dye Shorts

I felt really bad when I accidentally bleached my peach shorts from Zara after putting my wet, colorful scarf on top of it. I thought it was already hopeless because it didn't even pass as my favorite "pambahay". For a year, it became one of the forgotten items in my closet. If not for the dip-dye trend that became a very hot summer trend, I wouldn't have remembered it. I was actually thinking of bleaching my white shorts but then, tadah! I saw this in the far corner or my closet while I was looking for my white shorts. Below, I wrote a blow by blow process on how to achieve the perfect dip-dye look for your old shorts. :)

 Here's how it looked like before I dyed it.

 What you'll need:
       Venus dye (color of your choice)
       Old shorts

First thing that you have to do is dye your shorts in to your desired color. In the case of my shorts, it's original color is peach so i decided to use orange dye. Here's how it looked like right after...

I didn't like how the color turned out so I soaked it in a Zonrox+water solution for a few minutes to achieve a washed look. I forgot to take a photo of it after the first wash/soak but I hope you can imagine it. After the first wash, I soaked the bottom portion of my shorts in pure Zonrox to wash-out the color completely. Here's how it looked like after 2 washes... 

After achieving the desired color and look, saok it in water then let it dry. After doing these easy to follow steps, all you have to do is style it. You can either cut it into your desired length, add studs or fray the hem and voila!

So how do you like my not-so-new-new-shorts? I can't wait to wear it! :)