Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Cutting Edge

I don't know how to name this post and this title was the very first thing that came into my mind while we were shooting this, so there. The title doesn't really mean anything. Haha. This was my outfit for Day 6 of the Philippine Fashion Week. We arrived late so we didn't get to sit near the runway. And because of that, the photos that I was able to take during the fashion show weren't that good. But I'll make a photo diary post still.. :)

This scarf print mullet tunic will be part of my June collection too! We're shooting this Wednesday and I'm hoping we could release it next week! :)
Anong ganap jan sa baba mga teh???

What I Wore:
scarf print mullet tunic from Binkydoodles,
bodycon skirt from Zara,
necklace from Binkydoodles,
belt from Forever21
velvet heels from Topshop

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