Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bloggers United 3: Fangirl Mode

I usually don't stay in Manila for more than a week whenever I visit because of the amount of work I have back home. Since I went here to attend Fashion Week 2weeks ago, I decided to extend my trip a little bit more so I could go to Bloggers United 3. I really wanted to meet my favorite bloggers in person and I wanted to introduce myself to them, so despite the bad weather, I still went there. The first blogger I was able to talk to was Kryz Uy. When I introduced myself, she said, "Oh my God, you're Binky! Ang daming nagtatanong about your clothes". And that made me really happy. Haha. I wanted to take her photo but I wasn't able to charge my camera's battery since I left my charger in Iloilo. Good thing Canon had a booth there so I was able to charge my battery there for a few minutes. I left early though because I got really tired and there were soo many people! I didn't even catch Camille Co and Laureen Uy there. I already left when they arrived. Phew! Anyway, here are the bloggers I was able to approach and have a conversation with earlier today. Outfit post tomorrow!

These two girls from Butuan are both very nice and sweet. I was really happy that I finally met Mariel Wagas of WickedYing and Steph Dy of FashionBandwagon and Pinkaholic. We've been exchanging tweets and PM's and it's really bongga that I was able to meet them in person. I'm looking forward to spending more time with these girls again in the future. Mga bisayang dagko! Haha! To the girl who took this photo, thank you soo much! :)

Meet Lookbook superstar, Indonesian blogger, Anastasia Siantar of BrownPlatform. BU3 flew her all the way from Indonesia for this event! How bongga is that? She was also very nice. I wasn't able to join her in this picture though because there was no one to take our photo together. :(

Next up, Cheyser Pedregosa of The Walking Recessionista. This girl is my boyfriend's blogger crush so I told her I had to take her picture so I could show it to the boyfriend. She was kind enough to let her yaya take our picture together. She even said "hi" to my boyfriend. So Cy, if you're reading this, this picture is for you. Haha.

I also introduced myself to Vern Enciso of A ShoeTale. She told me that she super loved her palazzo pants from Binkydoodles. Her Mom was with her and Mommy volunteered to take our picture. Yey! Thanks Vern's Mom. :)

Now, here's Mother Becky, Divine Lee! I bought lace tops from her booth! Topshop and H&M lang naman! Haha. May your beauty and wits be with me Madam! Haha. Read her blog for good laughs! :D

I also saw Dani Barretto there. I told her she should've been part of the event. I've been following her blog for quite a while now and I know she'll go a long way too. Check her blog HERE. :)


  1. CHEYSER AND DIVINE! <3 I love them! You are so lucky you got to meet them awesome bloggers! :)

  2. thanks for supporting bloggers united! :)