Monday, July 2, 2012

Mid Year Makeover

Before you go and think that these are charts illustrating the evolution of man (haha) or before you believe that we're wanted for committing a certain crime, I better start telling you what my cousins and I did this weekend. We all agreed that we needed some sort of change since we're now in the middle of the year, so I called up my friend who does salon home service to give us a little make over. Nothing so major here since where not yet ready for an ultimate make over. We'll just save that for the new year (6 more months to prepare)! Haha.

Hair color with trim- P350-700 (depending on the length of your hair)

 Nail Art- P120

Can you guess which one is mine? :)

Now you know! :p

Do you want to spend your weekend like we did? For inquiries, you may contact Jennette Duriman at 09094273335. She does milk rebonding and other salon services too!