Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back to Basics

Every girl should have basic items stored in her closet for her lazy and busy days. I am such a sucker for these items that I have tank tops, tube tops, and bodycon skirts in all colors. I don't really know why but I'm always drawn to buying these things. Every time I feel too lazy to dress up, I just grab any basic item from my closet and throw on a cover-up or simply put on a sheer blouse with my bright colored tank top showing underneath. This kind of outfit can be a no brainer but it'll never fail to give you comfort and style. And because of my love for these basics, I thought of doing a basics collection for Binkydoodles. I know these aren't the typical kinds of basics but hey, this is basic, the Binkydoodles way. Haha. :)

Models: Rachelle Torres and Queene Gasataya
Styling and Photography: Binky Pitogo

See the whole collection HERE or HERE.

We have a promo if you buy any 3 items from the collection! We have very limited stocks so you better hurry!

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