Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skull Candy

Earlier today, we had our fitting for Iloilo Designer's Week. I finally met my models and the other designers too. As I mentioned before, this will be my first fashion show here in Iloilo. I've joined fashion competitions in Manila while I was still studying at the School of Fashion and the Arts but it's a lot different  when you're joining a fashion show that isn't a competition. If you ask me which is more nerve-wracking, I'd say the pressure is greater when it's not a competition. In a competition, you're there to represent just yourself, win or loose. If you don't give your best, then it's entirely your loss. If it's not a competition though, you have to consider a larger "behind-the-scenes".You have to consider the organizers, the people who worked for you, the people who believed in you, the audience, etc. The responsibility is bigger if it's not a competition so you're only allowed to give your best. As for my collection, there's still so much editing to do but I'm very positive and happy in working things out because I know I'm learning and growing because of this challenge. I'm really excited to show you what we've been working on but I have to wait until the day of the show as we're not allowed to spill the details until it happens, so I'll have to stop here for now..  :D

What I Wore:
top and skirt from Bangkok,
faux leather sneakers from H&M,
bag from Singapore

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