Thursday, February 24, 2011

Intertwined Dress

Here's one of the dresses I made just recently. If the style looks familiar to you or if you've been reading my previous blogs, you may notice that I used the same application with my swimsuit project to add style to this dress. I wore this summer inspired outfit to school. :)

I love the print and the color of the fabric plus the gold details on it. :)

with my classmates Shen and Keena :)
 intertwined dress, made by me,
crochet vest from Tutuban Mall,
pink sling bag from Nine West,
wedge from VNC,
assorted bangles from my secret place,
painted wooden bracelet from Cebu

fabric shopping for our midterm exam

Here's another personal project which I've been working on, a paisley printed high-waist shorts! :)

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