Monday, May 30, 2011

Abstract and Geometric Prints

I wrote this yesterday so this is a late post. :)

Hello everyone! I just came back from a fun camp with my friends and for some reasons, I still feel kind of detached from the real world. I feel like I was gone for more than 2 days! The camping activity was truly a breath of fresh air from our very busy schedules. Somehow, I feel accomplished surviving the challenge (we hiked around 10-15km and our track was muddy, can you believe that?). The experience somehow reminded me that there's a world out there where there's not much complexity. I've always wanted to mountain climb but I feel that I'm not fit for the real thing. I'm just glad I have friends who are adventurous enough to go for such a trip, I got atleast a taste of it. :)

"Fashionless" me with my friends, having nothing else but plain fun. This video was edited by my dear friend, Ron. Enjoy! :)

On a different note, here's a picture of me taken few days before I left the Big Metro. Yes, I'm now back and based in Iloilo and I'll be spending most of my time here although I already have schedules of going back to the big city for my buying trips. It's kind of difficult having to be torn between home and where I would want to establish my career. If only I can be in 2 places at one time. But somehow, I know I can manage to balance the scale. Thanks for the wonders the internet can do!

smocked dress from Forever21,
ruffled cover-up from a thrift shop,
studded wedges from Charles and Keith,
sling bag from United Colors of Benetton

On a related note, my Mom just sent me these beautiful abstract and geometric printed fabrics from Brunei, just after I posted a somehow related look in my Lookbook. My Mom just knows my taste and colors! Now I can't wait for my sewing machines to get here so I can start transforming these pretty fabrics into equally beautiful pieces! My machines are in transit right now and I really can't wait to reunite and work with them! And hey, I'm also looking forward to traveling with my friends and visiting my Mom soon! :)


  1. I love your dress and your wedge.. so cute.. lovely pair.. followed you my dear.. You were born in Cebu and was raised in Iloilo.. Do you know how to speak Ilonggo? I'm from Cebu but currently staying in Manila..take care binky..

  2. hi krystal! thanks for the comment that you left! yes i can speak ilonggo, and bisaya too! will be visiting your blog. :)